Israel Teixeira

Hello! I'm a Brazilian entrepreneur and software developer specialist in growing sustainable products.

I'm very into business design and me and my partner Thiago are helping people to leverage their companies through a well-designed process.

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Some of my experiences

CTO of a dispute resolution platform

Acordo Fechado is a lawtech that uses its technology to help law firms, courts, companies, and civil society, by eliminating waste of time and work while making the best agreement to the parts. We design ways to solve more legal disputes and solve them faster.

Product developer at an Advertech

Gate is an Advertech that builds products that support all teams inside an advertising agency by automating operational tasks and using data visualization techniques to give them the ability to create business opportunities to some of the most worldwide known brands.

Former researcher at FGV

As a researcher at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), I've worked in projects that intend to gather, extract and enlight relevant information from judges decision, lawsuit statistics, public health and public security data by developing crawlers and parsers, performing data analysis, natural language processing and creating interactive visualizations.

Freedom Based Products

It is the absence of pretense or artificiality while we empower our customers to do what they need. The goal is to offer the maximum amount of value with the minimum amount of features.


I work mainly with Python and Django, on the backend. I've chosen this path because of the fantastic Python community and because I can use Python to create both a simple script and complex Machine Learning stuff.

In a world full of frontend frameworks, I prefer using just HTML and CSS to bring user interfaces to life. I also use SVG and d3.js to build dashboards with useful data visualizations and data exploration tools.


It is not just about software development; it is also about understanding the numbers, the company's vision of the future, designing processes... The whole path.

We can start the conversation from the Small Acts Manifesto and The Zen of Python. But I'm sure that we can spend hours talking about this.